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Documentary Credits

Is a service provided by the Oasis Bank to the importing customer where the bank acts as the issuing bank To provide the beneficiary with an undertaking to pay the value of the credentials according to agreed terms and the laws and regulations of the Central Bank of Libya.

Documents received under collection

It is a service that Waha Bank provides to its customers to receive all shipping documents and bills of exchange for collection from all correspondents abroad, or directly from exporters. The Bank shall send the documents received from the exporters for collection and send them for collection, including the customer's instructions regarding payment.

Foreign remittances issued

Waha Bank relies on the wide network of branches and branches, in the issuance of remittances quickly to the beneficiaries in accordance with the conditions and laws applicable to the Central Bank of Libya.

Incoming remittances

The Bank receives all remittances received by it to corporate accounts from corporations, embassies, corporations, institutions, and others, and payment orders to beneficiaries either in cash or credit to their accounts.

Internal transfers

These remittances are processed within the Bank and with other banks operating within Libya, at the request of customers, through the National Payment System of the Central Bank of Libya.

Issuing Sukuk books

The Bank issues sukuk books to companies and institutions upon their request in accordance with terms and conditions to be negotiable by them in their financial procedures.

Ratification of instruments

After confirming all procedures and complying with the laws and legislations related to the issuance of Sukuk, the Bank shall ratify the Sukuk issued at the request of the client.

Issuing local letters of guarantee

The Bank shall issue a local guarantee letter at the request of the customer in accordance with the facilities granted to him in accordance with the credit policy. Foreign Exchange Trading We buy and sell all major currencies and Arabic. We charge for Libyan dollars or dinars. Transactions on customer accounts are carried out through all branches located in Libya.

Personal safes

The bank provides safe deposit boxes to its customers for a nominal fee to keep their property and valuables securely in a world-class safe deposit box.